Is the GateFeeder only for cats?

Gatefeeder was designed with cats in mind and many of the details are cat-centric however that does not preclude dogs.  

I have two cats; one is a nibbler while the other devours his food. Will GateFeeder work for them?

Absolutely! Gatefeeder was designed with your household in mind and it is the mission of Gatefeeder to solve this problem.

How much food does it hold?

The amount of food varies greatly by food type and how it’s placed in the bowl. Gatefeeder was designed to be a daily feeder for an average cat. Our testing has proven that in a pinch, Gatefeeder can handle one weekend’s worth of dry cat food for our average (12 pound) sized cat.

How long will the battery last?

The batteries will last 8 to 12 months depending on frequency of use. The low battery LED indicator will flash to signal when batteries need changing.

Is the smart ID tag fragile?

The Smart ID Tags are virtually unbreakable.

Why is the door manually operated?

The ultra-light and ultra-strong polycarbonate door is designed not to use any mechanical parts for opening and closing ensuring 100% reliability. The manual system is quicker and more reliable than any mechanical system we could devise and our testing confirmed that most cats don’t even notice it’s there after they have acclimated to it. During testing that period ranged from immediate acceptance to about 1 week.

Why is the Gatefeeder so small?

Gatefeeder is sized to only allow the head and shoulders of your cat into the enclosed space. Through extensive testing it was determined that this setup has many benefits which make the gatefeeder system even more effective.

  • Uses the cat’s entire body to block the entrance preventing other animals from barging in and accessing the food.
  • Minimizes the possibility that your cat can be trapped inside.
  • Recessed door location ensures the door is securely locked before your cat has even finished exiting gatefeeder preventing another animal from barging in.
  • Minimizes overall size and maximizes your flexibility in placing the unit within the household.
Where can I buy it?

Gatefeeder is available exclusively from www.gatefeeder.com

How long will I need to wait once I place my order?

Orders ship within the next business day from our warehouse.

What guarantee do you offer?

90 day warranty for manufacturing defects.

How many cats can use the Gatefeeder?

Gatefeeder has the ability to allow up to 5 cats to use the feeder at the same time however, because of the limited food capacity of the current model we recommend you do not allow more than two cats to use the product at one time. Our experience has been that it’s most effective to have one unit per one animal.

Are additional or replacement tags available?

Replacement tags are available through our website by contacting customer service via the customer support page.

Are professional veterinarian discounts available?

We do offer discounts to veterinarians and other professionals – please contact us directly via info@gatefeeder.com

I would like to purchase GF for resale. What are my options?

Please contact Gatefeeder by email here.

Who is the cat on your box cover and landing page?

She is one of 5 cats owned by our friends and was rescued from a shelter in Seattle but now lives in Hong Kong.

How can I get a copy of the user manual?

The most updated version of the user manual can be downloaded by following this link.

How do I open the cover of the Gatefeeder?

An illustration of how to open the cover can be found in the download version of the user manual available on the customer support page and here.

Will the door open if the cat with the key is sitting on top or next to the gatefeeder?

The feeder is shielded to prevent the key from functioning from anywhere except directly in front of the door inside the tunnel. It is not possible for a cat sitting near the gatefeeder to trigger the door lock.

My cat won't eat with a door resting on his head

The door is designed to rest on the shoulders of the cat when he is eating not on their head. In our years of working with various cats including some Feral cats we have not yet encountered a cat who will not eat using this door design. We have worked very hard to minimize the weight of the door while still maintaining the the strength. We are lucky because we are dealing with food, thus far even the most skittish cat has learned to use gatefeeder because they are highly motivated.

How many gatefeeders can co-exist in one house?

The gatefeeder uses a digital RFID system for cat identification which allows us to have a tag pool in the millions. The chance of two gatefeeders with the same unlock codes are nearly impossible. However, never say never; so just in case that happens one day, the tag can be easily replaced by contacting our customer service department.

Does Gatefeeder ship internationally?

Gatefeeder can be shipped internationally. For Canada and the USA, we use Federal Express and options can be selected via this websites shopping cart. For all other countries, we have now implemented international shipping via United States Postal Service (Airmail) which is the most economical option at this time. This will also be available in the shopping cart when you fill out the ship to information. A shipping quote will be visible before you finalize checkout and even before you put in any credit card information. Please NOTE that we do not charge VAT or other taxes to our international customer which helps to defray the higher shipping costs. In future, if we establish local distribution options outside the USA, that will be made clear during checkout.

- Additional note: although Gatefeeder can ship internationally, we are currently focused primarily on the USA market. Therefore all the documentation is only available in English and all the customer support is either online or USA based.